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W.I.L.D. Guide - d’Aulaire Benjamin Franklin



A Charlotte Mason-inspired book guide for grades K5-6  to follow as you read the book Benjamin Franklin by Ingrid and Edgar d’Aulaire. 

Their book uses engaging text and beautiful illustrations to share about the boyhood and teen years of Benjamin Franklin, through his illustrious career as an inventor, statesman and founder of our country. The W.I.L.D guide provides lessons to dive deeper into the delightful book as we choose topics and ideas from the scheduled reading each day. You will learn about candle making, the City of Philadelphia, printmaking, Poor Richard’s Almanac, lightning, the Declaration of Independence, the Gulf Stream, and so muchmore!


Our guides cover topics in history, science, language arts, geography, fine arts, and more!

Each day you will read in Benjamin Franklin as scheduled in the lesson and follow the lesson guide to learn more along with your student! The Student Pages offer a place to record what your students have learned or to explore further with experiments, activities, drawing options, and more!


What does W.I.L.D stand for?

  • WE- This guide is meant to provide time for you to be with your student…the times that we get to spend with our children learning and being curious together are absolutely priceless and such a valuable part of homeschooling! You will read a living book along with your student and enjoy the activities and investigations together.
  • INVESTIGATE- find out more about topics and ideas by asking questions, doing experiments or other fun activities included in our lessons and the printable Student Pages.
  • LEARN- Dive deeper into a topic or idea from the book Benjamin Franklin using the links that we provide- no more searching the internet on your own since we have done all of the work for you!
  • DISCOVER- Locate and learn more about places mentioned in the reading by “journeying” there together using our Google Earth and Google Map links!
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